Running for Our Lives

MaMa is currently running a weekly drop in for migrant women who are campaigning for migration justice. We are supporting several people who are seeking sanctuary from gender based violence. If you would like to sponsor one of our members in the Santa Dash the link below will take you to Hana’s page for her recent marathon.

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Migrant Artists Mutual Aid and the Santa Dash

MaMa started meeting weekly on Wednesdays in May 2013. There are a lot of challenges and joys of a weekly meeting. The biggest challenge to migrant mutual aid campaigning groups is how we deal with dispersal and privatisation, the policy of the Home Office to scatter people about so they don’t form connections and community. Privatisation because for any group to gather the costs of covering local bus travel is simply staggering. Before we ran out of our transport budget we were spending between 60-70 pounds a week just for bus fares.

Nobody is sure what to do. Dispersal is a strategy that works. While running 5k with the Santa Dash is not really going to solve the problem of Migrant Mothers being dispersed, it will help keep us ticking along while we try and come up with a brilliant idea to deal with really expensive bus travel.

Hey friends and supporters!

Mama members are planning to take part in the Santa Dash, which takes place on the 7th December, and to raise some much-needed funds for our members to be able to attend our meetings and up-lifting choir practices! Recently we have been very quiet, though not inactive, with training for immigration raids on local public transport which have become more frequent in recent months all over the UK. We are also supporting Naome’s daughter to help her mum get back on her feet after her removal to Zimbabwe.

Some of you have already shown an interest in joining the run. It is still possible to sign up at the lower fee of £22 till Saturday at!santa-dash-enter/cclx

If you can’t make it to the run but would like to support us Hanna has set up a funding page for her recent marathon, you can donate online there!

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MaMa Presents The Vagina Monologues

February 9, 2014 1 comment

Migrant Artists Mutual Aid and V Day Liverpool present a benefit production of Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues.

“Spellbinding, funny, and almost unbearably moving. . . it is both a work of art and an incisive piece of cultural history, a poem and a polemic,a performance and a balm and a benediction.” – Variety

£10 / £8 concessions

All proceeds go towards Migrant Artists Mutual Aid (MaMa), supporting women and children seeking sanctuary in the UK from gender based persecution including domestic violence, forced marriage and female genital mutilation.

**Also featuring the debut public performance of the MaMa choir! Not to be missed!!*



At The Capstone Theatre
Liverpool Hope University Creative Campus, 17 Shaw St, Liverpool L6 1HP
Tickets from TicketQuarter, Merseytravel Centre, Queen Square, Liverpool L1 1RG or tel 0844 8000 410


At Ullet Rd Unitarian Church
Ullet Rd, Liverpool L17 2AA
Tickets from News from Nowhere or on the door

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MaMa Fundraiser for International Human Rights Day

Please join Migrant Artists Mutual Aid in an event to raise much-needed money for our crisis fund and to mark International Human Rights Day – with food, music, games, a soul to sole shoe auction, solidarity and liberation song disco

Doors open from 4pm with snacks available

Lovely international food from 5pm, cooked together by MaMa members

A band of young drummers, some live music and presentations about human rights and the international convention on the rights of the child

MaMa has expanded in the last year and it would be great to come and meet some of our newest members

It would be really helpful if people can RSVP and if possible buy tickets from us beforehand

Suggested donation:
Adult: £10
2 adults and kids: £20
Unwaged: in kind donation of time / auction item / vegan dried food / anything you can

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NCADC Training in Liverpool

We are so excited to be hosting a NCADC training in Liverpool, it is going to be at the Florrie.
NCADC campaigning training, Liverpool

Wednesday 11 December 2013

10am to 4pm

The Florence Institute Trust Limited
377 Mill Street, Liverpool
L8 4RF

This training, hosted by Migrant Artists’ Mutual Aid, is open to all but booking is essential.

If you would like to book a place, please email

The training is free, but a donation towards lunch from waged participants is requested.

NCADC training across the UK

Next up on our training tour of the UK is Liverpool! Throughout 2012 and 2013, NCADC has been visiting local groups already involved in campaigning, or wanting to find out more. We have been running workshops on understanding the asylum/immigration status and campaigning for the right to remain, in Huddersfield, Manchester, Leeds, Oxford, Glasgow, Belfast and coming up before the end of the year we’ll be travelling to Newcastle, Liverpool and Nottingham. In the new year, we’ll be making our way to Leicester.

If you’ve missed us, don’t worry, we’ll be coming back! If you’re interested in NCADC coming to deliver training to your group/network, please get in touch.

Our training in Newcastle on 16 November is already fully booked. We are now taking bookings for our training in Liverpool on Wednesday 11 December.

Toolkit training

Through interactive exercises, discussion, knowledge-sharing and case-studies participants will come away knowing more about:

the asylum and immigration system,
the problems individuals face going through the system
what can be done to support individuals applying for asylum or immigration status
what ‘campaigning’ means
how activists and local groups can work together to support individuals in their communities
The training is based on the NCADC Campaigning Toolkit: a comprehensive printed and online resource for people fighting for justice in their asylum or immigration case, and the groups working to support them.

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november 12,2013
time to reflect from the horrible day in September that Amina was detained we learned so much in the process,how to tweet was one of them. I think it is important to try to understand what really happened so that everybody is better equipped to in our struggle for justice.

Amina embodies what we mean by mutual aid, when everybody was stressed trying to deal the the media coverage after the newsnight piece on fgm and the Gambia, Amina took over the cooking duties from me for the weekly group. We have been working together writing a grant for the Network for Social Change and devising a strategy so that members of MaMa can get certified as immigration advisers.

On Friday I answered my phone and Amina had gone to report as usual then been taken into a room overwhelmed with four guards and held. She called so I could go get her clothes and medicine.

She is now is Yarls Wood and MaMa is doing what we knew we would some day have to do, get one of our members to safety. Amina was trafficked to the UK, lied to by her family saying that she was going to get an education, then had her passport taken off of her and she was locked in her brothers home to be a domestic slave. She has always told me that her father was a terrible man, that he killed her mother. That he was a criminal.

The government of Pakistan did not prosecute her father for killing her mother, is not prosecuting her father for his currents crimes and her father is placing ads in national newspapers in Pakistan in order to track her down.

What we need people to do is to write letters and emails to Theresa May and support us in case they try to put her on a plane.
The thing is we need Amina to become an immigration solicitor because there are not nearly enough good ones out there who care.

Here is a sample letter, if you know her personally and add some touches
Dear Ms May


I am writing to draw your attention to the situation of Amina Rafiqe, who is seeking sanctuary in the UK and has been detained to prepare for removal in Yarl’s Wood. I am extremely concerned and upset at the home Offices decision to do so. She is a very compassionate, intelligent and enthusiastic young woman. I have gotten to know her through a support group for asylum seeking women and I know she is very active helping out others and always willing to become involved and to learn new skills. She is a very important member of our community, my children are asking when she will be returning and just her detention has been a great upset and disruption to our lives.

She has been abused by members of her own family both in Pakistan and here in the UK and I fear for her safety should she be sent back to Pakistan and tracked down by her family, after having run away from her brother. Her father is a criminal in his own country and the state is so far refusing to bring him to justice. She is suffering from depression as a result of her experiences of violence and being taken away from her support network here in Liverpool will have a devastating effect on her already compromised mental health, especially in a detention centre with such a bad record for the treatment of women (see today’s guardian article – 15/09/13).

I am also aware that she is crucial to the ongoing criminal investigation against her own brother here in the UK, at whose hand she suffered great domestic abuse and whom she had to run away from. I will gladly supply you with the crime reference number should you feel the need to verify this.

In light of her situation, I urge you to use your powers as Home Secretary to grant Amina leave to remain in the UK and to order her release from detention.

Yours sincerely,

send emails to

Send hand written letters to

Rt. Hon. Theresa May, MP
Secretary of State for the Home Office
2 Marsham Street

The email addresses to use are:

The fax number is: 0207 0354745 (when faxing from outside the UK, use 00 44 2070354745).

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Dignity not Destitution March in Manchester

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